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What we offer to our customers

  • Contract Research & Development

  • Consulting in Electrochemistry

  • Development of Next Generation Battery Chemistries

  • Testing and Evaluation of Electrochemical Devices

  • Process Scaleup

  • Simulation of Chemical and Electrochemical Processes

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  • 1,000 ft2 R&D and prototyping facility

  • State-of-the-art electrochemistry laboratory

  • FDM, SLA, and DIW 3D printing capabilities

  • Battery prototype assembly and testing 

  • Simulation and CAD services

Current Projects​

  • Development of high energy density Li-O2 reserve batteries with integrated chemical oxygen generation. Project funded by an US Army STTR award.

  • Recycling of high value metals from Li-ion batteries using an environmentally friendly hydrometallurgical process. Project is funded by a DOE SBIR award

  • Development of miniature reserve batteries on the chip by additive manufacturing. Project is funded by an US Army SBIR award

  • Engineering consulting with Omnitek Partners for the development of strategies for low temperature operation and ultra fast charging of Lithium-Ion batteries using high frequency AC power.

  • Technical consulting with Electriq Global for the design and scale-up of a sodium metal recovery process.

LiO2 battery prototype.jpg
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