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About Wasatch Ionics

Who we are

Wasatch Ionics LLC is a contract R&D and  consulting business located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company was founded in 2018 by Mr. Javier Alvaré, President and R&D Director. We have on-going projects with the US Army and the Department of Energy in the development of next generation high energy density batteries.


To combine science and business and create a pathway towards the commercialization of innovative game-changing solutions. We specialized in the research and development of novel battery chemistries, energy storage solutions, and new materials.


Mr. Javier Alvaré is a research chemical engineer with over 20 years of experience in electrochemistry, novel materials development, chemical process development and scaleup, and process simulations. In his tenure working for Air Products and Chemicals Inc., and Coorstek/Ceramatec Inc., he has served as principal investigator and researcher in multiple R&D projects sponsored by the US Army, US Air Force, Department of Energy, and NASA. Mr. Alvaré invented and scaled up an electrochemically based heavy crude oil upgrading technology that uses metallic sodium. This technology includes a hydrometallurgical process to recover nickel and vanadium contained in heavy crude oil feedstocks. He holds five U.S. patents on this technology. He holds a M.S. in Chemical Engineering by Washington University in St. Louis.

Mr. Javier Alvaré

Our core competency is in electrochemistry with the following areas of interest:

Battery R&D: Lithium-ion, Sodium-ion, Lithium-air, Lithium-sulfur, reserve batteries, and redox flow batteries. 


Design and testing of electrochemical reactors.


Recovery of alkali metals by electrochemical methods 

Recycling and recovery of high value metals from Lithium-Ion batteries 

Non-flammable and environmentally friendly liquid electrolytes.

Electrolytic processes: water electrolysis, electrowinning, electroplating, electrosynthesis.

Energy storage solutions

Process and multi-physics simulations

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